2016 Security Vulnerability Bulletins


This page contains all security vulnerabilities, updates and bulletins of 2016.

2016 Security Vulnerability Bulletins

GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity 29/12/2016

Mozilla Releases Security Update 29/12/2016

FTC Releases Alert on Fake Apps for Mobile Devices 23/12/2016

Cisco Releases Security Updates 22/12/2016

VMWare Releases Security Updates 20/12/2016

Apple Releases Security Updates 15/12/2016

Joomla! Releases Security Update for CMS 15/12/2016

Mozilla Releases Security Updates 15/12/2016

Microsoft Releases December 2016 Security Bulletin 13/12/2016

Adobe Releases Security Updates 13/12/2016

McAfee Releases Security Bulletin for Virus Scan Enterprise 13/12/2016

Apple Releases Security Updates 13/12/2016

Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome 02/12/2016

TA16-336A: Avalanche (crimeware-as-a-service infrastructure) 01/12/2016

Mozilla Releases Security Updates 01/12/2016

US-CERT Alerts Users to Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns 29/11/2016

Mozilla Releases Security Updates 29/11/2016

Vulnerabilities Identified in Network Time Protocol Daemon (ntpd) 21/11/2016

Symantec Releases Security Updates 18/11/2016

VMWare Releases Security Updates 17/11/2016

Mozilla Releases Security Updates 16/11/2016

Symantec Releases Security Updates 16/11/2016

Strategic Principles for Securing the IoT 1611/2016

VMWare Releases Security Updates 15/11/2016

OpenSSL Security Advisory 14/11/2016

Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome 10/11/2016

Microsoft Releases Security Updates 08/11/2016

Adobe Releases Security Updates 08/11/2016

Cisco Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products 03/11/2016

Google Releases Security Updates for Chromes 02/11/2016

Apple Release Security Update for iOS 31/10/2016

ISC Releases Security Updates for BIND 01/11/2016

Apple Release Security Update for iOS 03/10/2016

Cisco Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products 26/10/2016

Adobe Releases Security Update 26/10/2016

Joomla! Releases Security Update for CMS 25/10/2016

Dirty cow 21/10/2016

ISC-Releases-Security-Advisory CVE 2016-2848 20/10/2016

Heigthened DDoS Threat 10/14/2016

Potential Hurricane Matthew phishing DDoS Threat 10/11/2016

ISC BIND Denial Of Service Threat 09/27/2016

OpenSSL Security Advisory 09/23/2016

The Increasing Threat to Network Infrastructure Devices and Recommended Mitigations 09/06/2016

FTC Releases Alert on Louisiana Flood Disaster Scams 24/08/2016

ACSC Releases Risk Mitigation Strategies Against Malicious Email 01/08/2016

Ransomware and Recent Variants Update 11/07/2016

WordPress 4.5.3 Maintenance and Security Release 18/06/2016

Increased Risks from Macro-Based Malware 09/06/2016

OpenSSH Releases Security Update 11/03/2016

ISC Releases Security Updates for BIND 09/03/2016

ISC DHCP Vulnerability 07/03/2016

OpenSSL Releases Security Advisory 1st March 2016

SSLv2 DROWN Attack 01/03/2016

GNU glibc Vulnerability 17 feb 2016

ISC Releases Security Updates for BIND 19/02/2016

OpenSSH Client Vulnerability 14/01/2016

Adobe Releases Security Updates for Acrobat and Reader 12/01/2016

ISC Releases Security Updates 12/01/2016

IRS Releases Eighth Security Tip 12/01/2016

VMware Releases Security Updates 09/01/2016

Mozilla Releases Security Updates 09/01/2016

Apple Releases Security Update for QuickTime 08/01/2016

WordPress Releases Security Update 06/01/2016

IRS Releases Seventh Security Tip 04/01/2016